Special services
from ELNATI company
- Visit exhibitions remotely
- Find manufacturers
- Factories visiting
- Goods quality inspection

Visit China

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Develop your business with China
even during the global quarantine!
We organize visiting any city in China for your remotely!
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Visit exhibitions remotely
There is the cancellation of a large number of exhibitions throughout China, but some of them will still take place. We are ready to visit the exhibition as your representative, as if you visit it by yourself!
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Find manufacturers
Our team is ready to find and provide you with the best offers from Chinese manufacturers, and if necessary, we can go to the production site and arrange production process.

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Factories visiting
If you can't come to China to meet with your partners or visit the production - we will do it for you! We will study the nuances of your cooperation, determine the tactics of negotiations and solve all the necessary issues on the site.
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Goods quality inspection
We will visit the factory or warehouse to check the quality, quantity, and packaging of your product. We are also ready to control the process of production, packaging, and shipment. You will be sure that only high-quality goods are shipped to your address!
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Our advantages:
Experience of more than 8 years with Chinese suppliers of different product groups.
We are in Guangdong province, where the main production facilities of China's light industry are located.
High mobility - our specialists are ready to travel to any city in China to complete the task.
Full range of services, from product search to shipment inspection.
How it's work?
You don't need come to China
- we will do the whole work for you, according to your requirements, the same as if you will come here by yourself.
We define the targets
- terms and cost of work, sign the contract, get the prepayment and immediately start work.
Working process
- we coordinate each workflow with you. We provide photo and video reporting.
Our team
We are unique team of Russian and Chinese specialists.
Alexandra Shumilova
Project Manager, lawyer, economist.
Russian, English, Chinese.
Xiao Min
Project Manager, translator.
Russian, English, Chinese.
Vladimir Li
Project Manager, translator.
Russian, Chinese.
Nataliia Gutova
Engineer, Inspection specialist.
Russian, Chinese.
Daniil Gutov
Manager, Inspection specialist.
Russian, Chinese.